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Apply for the Store Brand Program

Shelter Cannabis and Agro-Greens can bring your custom-branded product to life

Your brand, our pre-rolls

Our store brand products are packaged in durable, reusable, recyclable containers that are both smell proof and child-resistant.

Private label options

  • 10 × 0.3g pre-rolls in a stainless steel tin$16.50 per unit (minimum 120)

Store brand process

Our in-house creative team will design a custom label that features your logo and colours, and meets Health Canada's labelling regulations. Next, you'll select a cultivar based on current availability.

Step by step

  • Provide a vector version of your logoPDF, EPS or AI
  • Provide your brand colourMust contrast the standardized yellow and red warning labels
  • Select a cultivarBased on availability

See and taste the difference of our pre-rolls

We begin with an enhanced grinding process that filters out seeds and stems while maintaining the integrity of the trichomes. We pack the grind into wood fibre paper that ensures a smooth, even burn with a filter designed for optimal draw resistance. And every pre-roll is finished with a signature hand twist. We roll in small batches of 100 to control quality. We visually inspect each roll to ensure they meet our rigorous standards.

It’s all about the grind

Our hands-on, manual grinding process was developed over several years of research and testing different methods. We knew that by perfecting the grind, we would achieve a smoother, more even burn and superior flavour. Hand massaging the flower through a screen system gently cuts the buds to the ideal pre-roll consistency while reducing bruising and trichome loss. Not all flower grinds the same. Depending on the cultivar, we adjust our process for optimal filling and natural tamping. To prevent dryness we take additional steps to control the humidity in our processing rooms and reintroduce moisture to the ground flower. Pre-rolls shouldn’t be an afterthought. Using whole buds, rather than shake or trim produces a far better pre-rolled joint, one that we would smoke too.

Our commitment
We pride ourselves on packaging and processing the highest quality cannabis products for both medical and adult use.