Red Congolese Dried Cannabis - Lot 20-P66
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Gnomestar Craft Cannabis is small-batch, indoor craft cannabis grown in Delta, British Columbia by a small team who love great cannabis. Our focus is on creating a consistently great cannabis experience for our customers. Our plants are grown in a mixture of coco and soil, where we constantly experiment to explore the true genetic expression of each plant. Our plants are then hand harvested, dried over a cool 10-days slow hang-drying process, and hand trimmed to maximize cannabinoids and terpenes within each flower. We then cold cure over several weeks to ensure a smooth, flavourful smoke every time.

Cultivar Description: Red Congolese is a pure-sativa cross between an Afghani Landrace, a Mexican Sativa, and Congolese. When one opens the packaging of Red Congolese, a mushroom cloud of dank aroma will quickly fill your room, tickling the nose of anyone in the vicinity. Keen observers have noted intense scents of cheese and fruit in addition to spice and berry. The flavour of the smoke from this bud is much the same as its scent, a fruity, cheesy flavour with hints of spice and berries.

Cultivar Lineage: Afghani Landrace, Mexican Sativa, Congolese

THC range20.1%
CBD range0-1%
Dominant terpenesMyrcene, Limonene, trans-Caryophyllene, Farnesene, alpha -Humulene