Collage 001 - Lot 20-C04
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Wildlife rolls only high-quality cannabis from trusted cultivators. These pre-rolls are packaged into a slim reusable tube, or individually sealed in one of our durable tins. Wildlife pre-rolls are fresh and convenient, ready to throw in your bag for later.

Cultivar Description: Introducing the cultivar collage pre-roll collection. Handcrafted premium pre-rolls rolled with high-quality flower. This collage draws it's lineage from well-loved classic's Grape LA, Ultra Sour, Purple LA and Wappa. Smooth burning with a rich aroma that lingers on the palate, thanks to our unique trichome preserving pre-rolling process. We take pride in our pre-rolls because we love cannabis as much as you do.

Cultivar Lineage: Grape LA, Ultra Sour, Purple LA, Wappa

THC range20.7%
CBD range<1.0%