Why Agro-Greens?

Consistent and Effective Medical Cannabis

Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd. prides itself on producing the highest quality medical cannabis. Our pharmaceutical production methods include commercial scale cultivation of crops in micro-environments for ultimate control from seed-to-sale. 

Using advanced technology, our products are grown in specialized chambers where every cultivation parameter is monitored and controlled including C02 levels, temperature, humidity, lighting intensity, nutrient type, concentration and more. Our micro-grow chambers are fully automated, allowing us to produce consistent, effective, clean and pure medical cannabis - every batch, every dosage, every time. 

Always, Fresh, Always Available

By separating our crops into smaller, craft batches, we stagger our planting so that every strain has a new batch harvested to ensure our products are always fresh and always available. We accurately predict our production volume and only accept clients who we are confident we can supply for the entirety of their prescription. 

Our quality assurance is unparalleled, as we strive to produce the highest quality medical cannabis for our clients. 

We are a Health Canada approved licensed producer of cannabis for medical purposes.